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A newly minted website on Mammals of India (!


Biodiversity Marathon #3 in Kolkata was a great success. Thanks, Nature Mates-Nature Club for hosting us! – 1 Apr. 2018.


Contributor of the Month awards announced for Jan. and Feb. 2018 – 11 Mar. 2018.



A newly minted website on Mammals of India!: The Biodiversity Atlas – India project has just added one more website to the family: Mammals of India ( We announced it at the SCCS 2018 conference during a workshop on citizen science. The website is in the capable hands Vivek Ramachandran and Rohit Chakravarty, experts on rodents/small mammals and bats, respectively. Looking forward to seeing a lot of cool mammals on the website.


-- Krushnamegh Kunte, Chief Editor, Biodiversity Atlas – India Project. 29 September 2018.


2017 ends with seven natural history websites, approx. 2,000 species pages and 50,000 reference images: 2017 has been a very productive year. We launched Biodiversity Atlas – India as a formal platform, added three more natural history websites to the family, and have now seriously started collecting and curating data on these websites. We have also built a very strong community of contributors and users. We look forward to further strong growth in 2018. Join and the community and spread the word around!


-- Krushnamegh Kunte and Purnendu Roy, Chief Editors, Biodiversity Atlas – India Project. 31 December 2017.



The Biodiversity Atlas  India Project launched: NCBS is happy to announce the launch of the Biodiversity Atlas – India Project after years of preparation through various natural history websites such as Butterflies of India and Odonata of India. The family of websites created since 2008 by the Indian Foundation for Butterflies had recently grown to seven, with further expansions planned. It was felt that this model needed to be formalized and institutionalized, and thus this project was born. We look forward to your continued participation, contribution and support.


-- Krushnamegh Kunte and Purnendu Roy, Chief Editors, Biodiversity Atlas – India Project. 11 December 2017.